Cold sculpting, a cold
liposuction in Laval, between
Montreal and Blainville.

Cold sculpting: bye bye restrictive diets! End the vicious circle of dieting and the intense workouts leading you nowhere near your goals. Say hello to the body of your dreams, quickly and safely!

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200$/applicator when you buy 4 applicators or more* Always the best prices for you!

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    Eliminates 25 to 35% of the fat

    Stop all those harsh diets and the long hours of cardio with no results.

    Longlasting results

    The stubborn fat cells are destroyed and then leave your body, which means they can’t come back.

    No surgery, no scars

    0 recovery days and no scars! Cold liposuction is approved by Canada Health.

    How does Cold
    Sculpting work?

    Cold Sculpting, also know cryolipolysis, applies precisely controlled cooling and safely freezes the stubborn fat cells.

    For a few months, your body naturally eliminates the dead cells through the lymphatic system. You will notice results briefly after your first treatment, but your silhouette will keep changing months after the last session.

    The results are calculated on average and could vary from one person to another.

    Target the fat loss

    Compared to working out, Cold Sculpting allows you to target the fat loss.

    Reduce cellulite

    Not only does it destroy fat tissues, but it will also reduce cellulite.

    Smoother, tighter skin

    At the end of treatments, your skin will look smoother and tighter.

    Treatment body areas

    • Belly and back
    • Thighs, hips, love handles and buttocks;
    • Arms, calves, knees.

    ** Results may vary depending on the treated area and from person to person